Hi all!

I would like to set up an online platform for tracking rescue animals post-adoption. The general idea would be for human members on a BuddyPress site to be able to create pet profiles, then post updates on those pet profiles, and eventually pass off control of the pet profile to the new owners, who could continue to post updates and presumably pass off the profiles again if the pets change hands multiple times. Before I go too deeply down any rabbit holes, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or if something functionally like this already exists?

Are there and good ways of modifying a version of the BuddyPress plugin to use it to power the pet profiles? My first thought was swapping out every instance of “buddy” with “pet” in the code before uploading the plugin, and then figuring out how to allow human BuddyPress accounts to control “PetPress” profiles.

I’m so-so at when it comes to coding my own stuff, so I would really appreciate any insight or advice from anyone who may have more experience!



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