24hourpets.com has a mission to innovate for pet caretakers and owners. For too long, animals kept as pets have been underrepresented in social media. Dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, hamsters, and other living beings are kept in our home but need a digital presence.
• We want to build a better warehouse of your pet’s data and way to talk about pets.
• Would you want an easy to browse marketplace and pet care information for your pets?
• Is there an easier way for your neighbors to help take care of your pets?
It’s a lot of fun & work to take care of pets, but people need better solutions. This fundraiser’s purpose is to pay for development work, branding, and fulfilling other business needs so that the company is scalable and prepared to grow. We hope that pet owners will be able to set up pet dates and network. Pet influencers are a growing industry, and they need better tools to expand. 24hourpets.com will work to build a virtual home for our pets. Thank you for reading!

Roger Yang